Meth Sampling

Meth Sampling & Reporting

Unfortunately, meth contamination, whether from a property being occupied by methamphetamine users or used as a meth lab, is still a problem for New Zealand property owners.

For peace of mind, compliance, and the safety of your property’s next occupants, we provide cost-effective, accurate and fast testing results.

And, if the test does come back positive, we can help you manage the cleanup process and supply a final report to show the property is now free from contamination.

Importantly, we’re independent and are not aligned with any meth contamination clean up companies.


We do pre and post tenancy meth sampling and reporting so you can ensure that the property is contamination-free before the new tenants move in.


The last thing you want after you’ve purchased your nice new home or property is find that it’s contaminated. We provide pre-purchase meth sampling so you can ensure the property is meth free.


So you have all the facts when you’re selling someone’s home, we can provide a meth test and report before you go to market.


Backed by the latest equipment and techniques, our team is fully certified and trained in NIOSH method 9111 by InScience Ltd. and Cleaning Solutions Ltd. We have also passed NZQA standards 30892, 30893 and 30894.

We partner with industry-leading IANZ accredited laboratory, Hill Laboratories, are IANZ 911 standards compliant and can provide independent certification of our test equipment and procedures for reference.

Our Meth Sampling Services

Testing can be carried out not just in homes but also cars, trucks, caravans and baches.

Sampling can be done 7 days a week with just 24 hours’ notice. Most reports can be delivered in 2 working days.

Instant Screen Testing


NZ Healthy Homes provides fast, cost-effective screening for methamphetamine contamination using MMC Check 4 Meth immunoassay screening kits, which detects methamphetamine above the 1.5 micrograms/100cm2 (NZ Standards 8510).

Starting at $179, the screen test will provide you with a detailed report of the areas tested, including observations and photos.

Composite Lab Testing


This type of testing gives a lab-based analysis of meth contamination levels and is done on specific areas of concern. This involves taking swabs from around the property as samples to be analysed by the lab to determine the contamination level. The testing technician will discuss a test strategy that will best suit the property in question.

​The report includes lab results, photos and observations. Prices start from $279 and additional tests are $179 each plus GST.

Field composite sampling available from $199 plus GST. Contact us for details.