Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

We are qualified to use sampling products and procedures (NIOSH 9111) to indicate whether contamination by methamphetamine is present in a property.

We will report results to the party commissioning the inspection (the client).  We will use the sampling products in a competent manner, but our responsibility is limited to reporting the results shown by the equipment and laboratory reports of that particular documented test area/s at a particular date and time.

By using our services the client agrees they will not hold Professional Testing Services Ltd (NZ Healthy Homes) liable for any loss, cost or expense in relation to the property’s contamination or damage, of any kind.


  • The client to be responsible for providing access to the premises in question at an agreed time and place.  Failure to do so will incur a $100+GST call out charge.
  • Payment for agreed services is to be paid prior to our site visit. Extra investigation, if required, will be carried out upon mutual agreement and will be payable prior to the presentation of the report.
  • By making a booking the client accepts our terms as laid out in our terms and conditions contract.
  • NZ HH is Auckland based and work carried outside of the metropolitan area will incur travel costs as agreed with the client prior to site visit.
  • NZ HH will not pass on any results or data gained from the investigation to anyone other than those parties instructed in writing by the client unless compelled by NZ law.