Smoke Alarm Testing and Reporting

Smoke Alarm Testing and Reporting Services

Protect your home and family in case of a fire. NZ Healthy Homes can ensure your smoke alarms are up to scratch.


To assess the smoke alarms in the property are compliant with the Residential Tenancies (Smoke Alarms and Insulation) Regulations 2016 and follow the manufacturing standards set out in AS3786:1993-2014 or equivalent international standards.

Pushing the button only tests the battery! So you need to know if it will go off when needed and for long enough.

Smoke alarm testing gives you peace of mind knowing your family or tenants and house are protected from fire.

Great document for your insurance company.


Remove existing smoke alarms and check type, international standard, expiry date and insulation date.
Test the alarms, using aerosol gas whilst measuring the decibels.
Test battery with meter.
Measure distance to bedroom doors and ensure that there is an alarm on each level.
If not compliant, fit new alarms where needed and record all data for reporting.

a): all smoke alarms have a 10-year expiry date from when they are installed.

b): smoke alarms must have the appropriate international standards on them (AUS, NZ, EN, US).

c): If a smoke alarm is installed after 1 July 2016, it must have a sealed battery.

d): All smoke alarms must be photoelectric. Replace all ionisation smoke alarms with cavius units.

Smoke alarm report

This will be the report that is sent to our clients for the smoke alarm compliance service.

Photos: Firstly, an exterior photo will be taken of the property. Overall, there will be 3 photos taken for each smoke alarm and location.

Information in report: The smoke alarm report will consist of:

  • date, time and address
  • client’s details
  • device used (e.g. cavius or orca)
  • location of smoke alarm
  • distance from smoke alarm to bedrooms
  • expiry month and expiry year
  • decibels rating
  • notes on whether the existing smoke alarm was compliant or not. If the smoke alarm isn’t compliant then note down why this is the case.
  • The height location of the smoke alarm (high/low)
  • Some yes/no questions: is it an existing smoke alarm? Is the indicator light on? Does it have indicator chirp? Has it been smoke tested? Is it required for compliance?


The smoke alarm compliance service and reporting costs $90 plus GST PA